We help manage the price risk requirements of the entire energy supply chain

Mitsui Bussan Commodities supports a global client base in seeking to reduce exposure to energy price volatility risk. We help manage the risk requirements of the entire energy supply chain, including producers, refineries, traders, distributors, consumers, utilities, state-owned and independent energy companies as well as government entities.

Highly Specialised Trader Network

We provide a global and highly specialised service through our comprehensive trading capability, with dedicated trading books in crude, refined products, natural gas, electricity, coal, emissions, LPGs, petrochemicals and freight, amongst others. Our experienced traders and marketeers are embedded in their markets. They provide both expertise and access for clients, this in turn enables us to deliver a highly competitive global pricing service.

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Supporting our clients in being responsive to changes in the market

Our aim is to anticipate our clients’ needs, so we seek to develop an in-depth and nuanced picture of each business and operating environment to ensure we can support our clients in being responsive to changes in the energy markets. Our parent’s presence in the physical markets and our traders’ daily engagement across the energy commodity complex allows us to support our clients with quick and competitive pricing. Furthermore, this extensive specialist network enables us to keep our clients up to date on market developments in both the physical and derivatives space.

Report Portal

We are continuously monitoring the market, gathering relevant updates from news bulletins and harvesting insights from our trader network and industry contacts, before distilling this into a variety of useful formats. Our daily, weekly and monthly reports seek to analyse sector data and contextualise it against the market, providing robust insights that support our clients in making informed decisions.

On our portal, our clients can find specialised reports on global oil markets, European emissions and also North American and European Natural Gas. Additionally, we publish a daily energy update which gives our clients a brief synopsis of the relevant news driving markets as well as indicative forward curves.

Our parent is heavily invested in physical energy markets
Mitsui & Co. energy business

Mitsui & Co. Ltd is heavily involved in global upstream exploration, production, logistics and trading of energy resources such as oil, petroleum products, natural gas/LNG, coal and uranium. Our parent company is also involved in developing global infrastructure for power generation and gas distribution networks. Mitsui & Co. Ltd is also engaged with environmental projects such as smart cities, EV infrastructure and next generation energy products such as renewables, biofuels and hydrogen. Its asset portfolio is high quality and extremely competitive, comprising growing production volumes, reserves, and reinforced LNG production capacity.

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Our team

Our experienced team combines a deep knowledge of financial risk management with extensive sectoral experience in energy and power markets, enabling us to provide a well-informed and professional service to clients. Many of our people have stayed with the energy team for a decade or more, trusted by clients who value them for their ability to provide personalised, tailored support. We are also proud to employ some of the best and brightest young talent the industry has to offer, who enable us to provide a dynamic service and enrich the team with different skills and perspectives.