We provide a professional service built on high-quality expertise

Mitsui Bussan Commodities supports a global customer base in seeking to reduce exposure to metal price volatility risk. We help manage the risk requirements of the entire metals supply chain, from the miners to the manufacturers and all points in between, with the vast majority of our business dedicated to serving companies within the industry. We are a stable counterpart to our clients and pride ourselves on the longevity of our relationships, many of which have lasted for over two decades.

  • Merchant 34.5%
  • Producer 25.1%
  • Manufacturer 13.9%
  • Fabricator 11.8%
  • Recycler 7.7%
  • Industrial 2.9%
  • Bank 1.7%
  • Agent 0.5%
  • Fund 0.2%

Our commitment to providing a professional service is built on a foundation of high-quality knowledge, with an approach which is fully tailored to the client need. Our deep sectoral expertise comes from our long-term involvement in metal trading, having maintained continual representation on the LME as a Category 2 member since 1991.

Online Trading Platform

If you work with us, you can also benefit from the use of our Online Trading Platform, which allows you to trade LME 3-month (3M) futures.

Metals Platform image
Customer Online Portal

Client On Line (COL) is our customer account access portal, which enables you to log in and view your transactions and account details. You can use this tool to confirm or query trades in your account, replacing the old process of signing and returning contracts. The data can also be downloaded into Excel.

Our parent is heavily invested in global mining and metals
Mitsui & Co. Ltd mining and metals business

Mitsui & Co. Ltd is heavily involved in business development, investment and trading of ferrous and nonferrous metals and resources, working to develop integrated value chains that deliver a stable supply of the resources and materials which are essential to industrial society. They also recycle resources, developing industrial solutions that address environmental issues. Subsidiaries and associated companies working under the Mineral and Metal Resources Segment and the Iron and Steel Products Segment account for nearly a quarter of total assets.


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Our team

Many of our people have stayed with the metals team for a decade or more, developing strong relationships with clients who trust them for their understanding of industry requirements and market insights. We are also proud to employ some of the best and brightest young talent the industry has to offer, who support us in continually adapting to a changing market with new skills and perspectives.